BB Battery – Classic

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310mAh Rechargable Battery
Voltage Adjustable from 3.3V-4.8V
510 Thread with USB Charger Build In
4Hr Charge Time
Customized with Authentic Swarovski Crystal Elements
Handset by B.B. Simon

Additional information

Weight48 oz
Dimensions5 × 5 × 6 in
Crystal color


10 reviews for BB Battery – Classic

  1. Xavier Razo (verified owner)

    Beautiful, functions wonderfully.

  2. carti

    this smaks ong

  3. BofaDEEZ Nuts

    perfect for my dank vapes, runs smooth and no clogged fentanyl carts

  4. Jimmy Castro

    When are they gonna restock?

  5. Mike Hawk

    Beautiful machinery. I used supreme carts and had no fentanyl exposure 👍🏽 Maybe next time I will use dispensary.

  6. mike

    ever since i got a B.B battery my life has completely for the better. When i hit my cart i cream my pants knowing my battery is B.B

  7. carti fan

    I SAW CARTI when are you gonna drop “narcissist”

  8. User00xman

    Y’all needa restock lmao

  9. quandale dingle

    its pretty epic

  10. lord farquad

    shit went so hard the principal took for himself🔥💯

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