Static Classic – AB

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Weight48 oz
Dimensions7 × 7 × 7 in

15 reviews for Static Classic – AB

  1. Tone (verified owner)

    All I have to say is fire ? I just received my belt from UPS and I’m very happy with my order every stone was at the rite place no disappointments. I ordered three times my waist size 38 so I basically got a 44 i was missing one whole a few inches off Thankfully ? I have the hole ? puncher for belts and my problem was solved in no time. I will be ordering again but not three sizes up only two. Thank you for my order much appreciated.

  2. Dewan Edmond

    I love the belt Nd Im very interesting in the belt Nd it’s a very raww color

  3. broke man jj

    im broke ass hell to get the bell

  4. twizzy (verified owner)

    Wear this if you want to be out there, you’ll get alot of great compliments and stares. love the belt will be buying the noir classic next.

  5. Abel

    Still haven’t received my belt and I ordered a month ago but I already have 2 of them they are really nice and you will receive great compliments.

  6. apariciokevin18

    I got mine and this belt is an eye catcher I swear anywhere I went I got compliments I swear if your a 1/10 this belt will get you to a 10/10 ???

  7. Daniel Cisneros Ramos

    About to get me one ☝️

  8. D

    Love the belt, but I wish there was a way to just purchase the belt look and buckle to put It on my Trojan AB.

    • hirb davari

      The buckles for most of our belts are interchangeable. If you go visit our instagram-page @bbsimon_officialpage, you can watch a quick instructional video (posted on 1/13/2022) on how to do it. For any other questions, please call (949)224-0000. Thank you!

  9. Mario

    I need to know how long is 36 inch the belt in cm like 110? Or how much is 36 inch

    • hirb davari

      36 inches are equal to about 91.44 cm

      Please note that our belts have five holes, which are all one inch apart (1 in = 2.54 cm) from each other.
      The middle hole is the size you choose. For example, a size 36 is going to be 36 inches measured from the middle hole to the buckle. This gives you the option to wear the belt at 34, 35, 36, 37, and 38 inches.
      Please let us know if you need more clarification.

  10. Jah Desmee (verified owner)

    very rare not common

  11. Leandro

    Am a size 34 should I get a 38?

    • Simon

      We generally recommend a size 36 for the best fit or a size 38 if you prefer to sag

  12. angel

    best belt ever

  13. Simon

    How can we assist you?

  14. Jorge

    I wear size 36 on jeans what size should I buy for my belt ?

    • Ariana Zavala

      The most accurate size for a bbsimon-belt would be, if you could measure yourself on top of your pants and at the position you would like the belt to be.
      Your measurement in inches is going to be the best fitting size, as our belts are custom-sized or also go up a size from your pants size for the best fit or 2 sizes if you prefer to sag
      For example, if your pants size is a 36 we would recommend a belt size 38 for the best fit or a size 40 if you prefer to sag.

  15. Daniel

    So my size is 28 should I buy a size 30 or higher?

    • Jasmine

      For a pants size 28, we generally recommend belt size 30 for the best-fit.
      If you like to sag, we recommend belt-size 32.
      However, the safest would be to measure yourself on top of your pants, at the position you would like your belt to be (in inches), and order your belt in that measured size.
      For any other questions or more clarification, you are welcome to call our customer-service at (949)224-0000. Thank you!

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