About Us

BB Simon and his Team launched the BB Simon brand in 1987. Theycollaborated to create BB Simon Swarovski Belts and Swarovski Fashion Accessorizes that was both afashion statement and a work of art. The Imported Italian belts and Europeanbuckles accessorized with Swarovski Crystal and gemstones. Introduced in 1987,it was an big success, and remains to this day one of the world’s most belovedfashion accessory,home, pets and hand bag designer. From iconic Swarovski belts to newhome, Swarovski pet and mirrors collections, these creations define effortless Americanluxury.As both an artist and artisan, bb simon is involved in the entire creativeprocess, from initial sketch to finished piece. The finest precious metals,rare gemstones, and unconventional materials are fashioned by the world’s bestcraftspeople into fashion and home accessory of enduring quality and beauty.