Michael Jackson Belt

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This limited edition of B.B. Simon – Michael Jackson tribute belts are made of the finest Swarovski crystal to honor the memory of the King of Pop, the greatest musical performer of all time. Belt design by Simon Tavassoli

Please pick the right size,if you have any questions call 949-224-0000 These are custom belts NO RETURN NO EXCHANGE. 

Additional Information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in
Belt's Size

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12 reviews for Michael Jackson Belt

  1. jay

    its so nice bra hehe

  2. jay2

    it was able to start moon walking after putting this on.

  3. jay2

    definitely worth its price. ??

  4. andrea

    i died wearing this 10/10 and my dead dog is writing this btw

  5. Isaias Armendariz


  6. alejandro

    omm dis belt is ah whole ah W i was able to all the moves ma boi use do

  7. Jamal

    I love this belt it was my daddy’s ??

  8. playboy cartie

    hey shlat iss playboy cartie dis belt iss niccce 10/10

  9. Daquaris

    i spent a rack on dis hoe and feel like i’m walking on the moon ong

  10. amoney

    once I wore it I started talking and acting like him this belt has some side effects bro

  11. zazaenjoyer6802

    After my grandmother recently passed away, leaving me with exactly $1,000 (Plus Tax), I’ve been wondering what to spend the money on. Remembering she loved Michael Jackson, I saw this and decided to use the money. From the moment I buckled it on, I’ve been in love with it. I have been moonwalking everywhere! I feel just like Michael Jackson, and just as graceful too. I can’t even look at little kids the same way!

  12. drake

    yo yo yo wat is up playas its ya boi drake dis belt finna make me switch to my hero MJ <3

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