Noir Classic

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Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 6 in

37 reviews for Noir Classic

  1. luis gomez

    i got girls with it

  2. Luis (verified owner)

    Great quality the crystals really shine 100% recommend buying from bb simon

  3. B.I.D

    I love my belt, the quality is official! Got this one as my first BB Simon as a gift from my wife for our anniversary! Definitely will be back to get more with my own personal flavor!

  4. James

    Men’s ?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Our belts are unisex

  5. Norris

    Do you guys have a full picture of the belts layed out I cant tell which one I want to purchase with just pictures of them rolled up

  6. Damian

    Are the crystals bright on it?

  7. Isaiah

    Does it rally take 3-4 weeks to make or can it be earlier?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Yes, that is the estimated time frame.

  8. Isaiah (verified owner)

    Advisor recommended my size, contacted me about what size pants I wore and the belt was too small I ordered a size 34 and the belt fits like a 28/30

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Our belts run small and are measured from the beginning of the leather (on the buckle area) up until the 3rd middle hole. We will gladly look further into detail regarding the sizing of your belt

  9. Dezsie Taylor (verified owner)

    I just ordered my second one. Top quality, very nice.

  10. Blake Mericle

    I wear a size 38 pant but my waist measurements are 44 inches Do you feel 3 sizes up from my normal pant size would be a good fit because people recommended me get 3 sizes up in B.B Simon

    • Simon Tavassoli

      We always recommend going one size up from that of your pant size however, in this case, since you used a measuring tape that is the most precise measurement to go with.

  11. Timethy

    the buckle fye in light and hold up pants good

  12. Not Luis

    It hasn’t arrived yet but I heard I get girls with it

  13. Rigo

    i wear a 32 in pants what size do you recommend

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Our sizes run small so we recommend going a size up from that of your pant size. A size 34 should fit you fine.

  14. Michael

    My waste is a true 31 do you recommend A size 32 or 34?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Our sizes run small so we recommend going up a size from that of your pant size. In this case we recommend going with the size 34 since we do not have sizes in odd numbers.

  15. Yolanda Moreno (verified owner)

    I got 40 and wear a 34 would it still fit

  16. Iam Dek

    Can it come earlier then 3 weeks?

  17. michael

    mines just came in, so hard , most def going to buy another in the future

  18. AC (verified owner)

    I’m really exited about the belt but I ordered it 2 weeks ago how long will it be till it gets shipped out?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Due to delays from COVID19, orders are taking up to 5-6 weeks to ship out.

  19. drippy (verified owner)

    SHITS FIRE Huge thanks to simon this shit icy asf

  20. donTalk

    one of belts just came yesterday & im already ordering another today

  21. B.I.D

    Hey, I have a quick question. My wife purchased my first BB. Simon from this official website and I absolutely loved my belt i got it back in April. Well my birthday is coming and she just told me one of my gifts because it won’t be here until well after my birthday. The problem that brings the question is she purchased this one online from Dudes boutique 🤦🏾‍♂️! I am not familiar with that particular store but I checked the website and they claim to be an authorized seller for your belts. Please help me be informed because I am extremely nervous for the amount she spent on my second belt that is said to come directly from BB. Simon where I would personally prefer to shop.

  22. Martimiano Guerrero

    I wanna say the app don’t let me buy my belt

  23. telvinharrison1992 (verified owner)

    I can’t wait till my belt come so I can be icy 😔😔😔

  24. Anthony (verified owner)

    This belt is pretty good in my opinion like the shine

  25. WifeLife

    Got it for my boyfriend as a gift, shines beautiful, he loves it! will order another

  26. Jordan Nicome (verified owner)

    I ordered mine october 7th. When should it be here?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      All of our items are custom made and take 5-6 weeks to complete before they are shipped out. We thank you for your support and patience!

  27. jacob

    will there be a sale on theses belts

  28. Abdalmajid Fadhil (verified owner)

    Hey, how long will it tak to arrive tomato the U.k 👍

  29. Dawid

    when it’s black friday i’d love to buy a strap

  30. Gerard Walker

    I wear size 40 do i order 42,44,46???

    • Simon Tavassoli

      We recommend going one size up from that of your pant size.

  31. Edward

    Are these the real deal belts like are they authentic?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      As real as it gets!

  32. vrai slime

    Do you ship in canada?

    • Simon Tavassoli


  33. TTG

    The belt was how I expected it to be👍

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Thank you for your patience and support!

  34. Manny (verified owner)

    Would definitely recommend!! First BB and I aint even disappointed! Although the crystals are black, they dance crazy even without flash ! The leather just smell so good on it as well, 10/10 for sure if you want a belt that you can pop out in and still keep it classy 💯

  35. C Hooks

    I’m a size 42 waist so what size belt should I order?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      We always recommend going one size up from your waist size. So for you a 44 should be good.

  36. Tiesha (verified owner)

    Hello i placed a order for this belt over a week ago but emailing you guys no response and still have no info on it can’t even look up my order number to see if it’s actually processing..can you please help me find out some info

  37. Alyjah A.

    I wear a size 28 in pants what size should I get

    • Simon Tavassoli

      We always recommend going one size up from your waist size. So for you a 30 should be good.

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