The Trojan AB

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All BB Simon belts run ONE size small from the standard US pants size.
Go one size up from your actual pants size to achieve the perfect fit in a BB Simon Belt.

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The Trojan – AB is the perfect accessor for anyone looking to shine!
Crafted from iridescent Italian leather and adorned with color changing Swarovski crystals, this belt is sure to turn heads.
The shiny finish and unique design make it a must-have for any wardrobe. With its timeless style and versatile look, you can’t go wrong with The Trojan – AB.


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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in
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61 reviews for The Trojan AB

  1. Dejon Hodges (verified owner)

    Hey I just ordered this about 10 minutes ago. Do you think I would be able to get it before July 17th,2020? I have a show that day

  2. nthuff755

    I order this belt on the 1st of July and it’s now the 27th I’m a little worried about when it’s going to get here. I just need a little more information about when it will deliver please and thank.

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Due to COVID9 we are expiriencing some delays in the production process of you order. We are working very hard to get orders out as soon as possible. If you need more information, please contact our customer service email provided below and we can further assist you there.
      Thank you!

      [email protected]

  3. Jackson Greene (verified owner)

    I ordered this belt , instructions say to go up one size, i wear size 36 waist pants and i got a 38, cannot even make the belt touch together around my waist, besides that it is still hard

    • Simon Tavassoli

      So sorry to hear that! Contact our customer service email provided below and we will be able to get that exchanged for you in your correct size.

      [email protected]

  4. Christian

    when is this going to restock I need it

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Follow us on Instagram for more updates @bbsimon_officialpage

  5. Joseluis

    Belt looks so nice ?

  6. Rickyyy

    My belt fell apart is there anyway for it to be fixed?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      If the buckle and loop come off that is normal as they are interchangeable. You can give us a call or send an email to send you a tutorial video.

  7. Jalynn Wayford

    I just received my belt thanks it’s really worth it

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Thank you for your patience and support!

  8. Colin Deraiche

    does the belt shine?

    • Simon Tavassoli


  9. Yeremy

    Is this a girls belt or a boys belt?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      This belt is unisex

  10. Darrick Smith

    I wear 42 wht size belt I need

    • Simon Tavassoli

      We always recommend going one size up from your waist size. So for you a 44 should be good.

  11. Tobiahs Ewelike (verified owner)

    Craziest thing I’ve ever owned quality is amazing and fits so perfectly.

  12. Kendall (verified owner)

    Just got my belt today and I am soooo happy with it. It’s amazing ? I love it!

  13. Easye (verified owner)

    I ordered this belt dec 2nd . Have not received it yet, does it sparkle and shine ?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Orders typically take 5-6 weeks to ship out.
      Yes, the belt does sparkle and shine

  14. kingandyfrmdaco (verified owner)

    Just ordered one of dem johns can’t wait?

  15. Easye (verified owner)

    I ordered this belt december 2nd 2020 and still haven’t received it or a shipping confirmation.

  16. Deandray Holbrook (verified owner)

    Fit perfectly and it’s everything I expected it to be. Happy af lol

  17. Easye (verified owner)

    Be very patient, it took 3 months for mine to come but it got it to today and it was worth it . Shines well. I take back my bad comments . Just be patient.

  18. trey songz

    is the buckle big

  19. Bibby (verified owner)

    I order this on the 29th of January with the best shipping and it came exactly in two week, when received its amazing quality and well worth the price i paid for it

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Thank you!
      We appreciate the feedback!

  20. Mal (verified owner)

    Pics don’t do this belt justice
    Quality High price fashion
    Go 1 size up that’s what they recommend and I went with that it and it came out perfect it will go thru the first belt loop for a clean look

  21. Brian

    Are these still available ?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Yes, they are available for purchase online.

  22. merks1627

    Is this belt still available to order because in store they said they didn’t make them anymore ?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      You can get this item by placing an order online.

  23. Daniel

    I have a question what color is this belt? Because in the description it says purple and I want it white.

    • Simon Tavassoli

      The belt has a silver/gray shine. It has more of a purple color. Unfortunately, we don’t make it in white.

  24. Juwan Hall

    I wear a size 32 in jeans and it don’t have my size would a 34 be good ?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      We do recommend a size 34 as standard size for a pants size 32, however if you sag, we do recommend going 2 sizes up.

  25. nynysantos614

    i wear a size 26 in jeans what belt size should i get?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      We recommend going one size bigger than your regular pants size. If you wish to get an exact fit, please go ahead and measure around the area where you will be wearing the belt. Our belts run by exact inches through the middle hole.

  26. chris

    Do yall have stores that i can go to?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Yes, please contact our office or visit our Instagram page for more information on approved retailers.

  27. chris

    do yall have a store i can go to?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Yes in Los Angeles, Ca.

  28. Mason

    Is there overnight shipping?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Yes, but that doesn’t mean you will receive the belt the next day after you make the order. All belts are made to order so the overnight option will be overnight from when the belt is finished and ready to ship.

  29. SANTOS

    hey. i ordered this belt march 14, a little bit past 12 and i payed extra for faster shipping. can i get an estimate of when it’ll arrive. and how can i track my order, the # i put in UPS says it’s invalid

  30. George (verified owner)

    My belt came in today and I gotta say for my first bb Simon belt is use is very nice

  31. Floyd Daniels (verified owner)

    My belt just came in and it’s ??????

  32. King (verified owner)

    never disappoints, but if anyone getting their first and is trying to decide what belt the best ones to start of with are Noir Classic or Blanc Classic witch I got

  33. Thomas Owens (verified owner)

    Just received my belt and I love it fits perfectly love the quality and hoe it shines. Everything I expected and more, thank you.

  34. Thomas Owens (verified owner)

    Just received my belt and I love it fits perfectly love the quality and how it shines. Everything I expected and more, thank you.

  35. benjaminbove17 (verified owner)

    Hey I just ordered this today and I accidentally ordered the wrong size. I was supposed get a 36 but got a 30 can it be changed before it ships? Thank you

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Yes, just send us an email explaining what happened and we can update that for you!

  36. Gior

    Do I go up two belt sizes if I wear my pants lower down?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Go up one size from your true waist size.
      Two sizes up if you sag!

  37. jeremiasaldama101

    I am a size 32 in jeans what size belt should i order?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      We recommend a size 34.
      Go up one size from your true waist size.
      Two sizes up if you sag!

  38. nazzy.wazzy (verified owner)

    Just got the belt for my boyfriend for his birthday and he’s in love with itttt!! Those diamonds really do bounce even in regular light. Best purchase ever!! It’s a beautiful belt.

  39. James

    If I order this belt on June 24 will I have it by July 4th?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Our orders are handmade to order. Although this style may be out within that timeframe, we recommend ordering 3-4 weeks in advance.

  40. Alfonso

    I’m a 30 in jeans whats a recommended size?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Please follow our sizing instructions for the best size.

  41. Aubrey (verified owner)

    I have this belt and the buckle & loop came off I reached to them and never got a response

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Our buckles are made to be interchangeable and can snap on and off. Please line the pieces back up and snap them back into place. If you would like an instructional video on how to do so, please contact our office during regular business hours.

  42. Alexander Lastra (verified owner)

    I only have one question, how long does it take for the belt to arrive?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Our items are hand made to order. Once shipped, arrival time varies from 2-7 business days depending on location.

  43. andrewwicker21 (verified owner)

    The belt is?? i ordered it it came in in 7 days so happy but it was to small I’m a 30 and I went 32 I’m just gonna return it and get a bigger size should I got 34 or 36?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Please follow our sizing instructions for the best size!

  44. Braylo bush (verified owner)

    I ordered the Trojan on august 10, I got it august 20th, one of the best things I could’ve ever bought and I’m here in Louisiana… shipping was really fast and they even text you to make sure you get the right size!! I’m definitely a lifetime customer now fasho 318 to LA

  45. D’Angilo

    I’m impressed! Not with the product because I expected it to be amazing, but with it’s arrival time. I placed my order 3 wks ago and I have my belt. I couldn’t be happier as it came a week before I needed it although I ordered it late.

    If you’re thinking about placing and order, you will not be dissatisfied!!

    Thanks BB

  46. Raymond

    Is the belt obviously purple or can it pass for dark blue?

    • Simon Tavassoli

      This item is neither purple, or dark blue. This is a light blue base with holographic spots throughout.

  47. Max Perkins

    Just bought 4 of them for me n my family

  48. Antonio Canion (verified owner)

    ? Omg! Pics and videos are ok but when you open that can!!!! Bang! So fly so rude so pretty it’s a lot of things. I’m throwing all my belts away! Lol i’m dead serious! Buying all the belts I want from here. Life to short for plain Jane!

  49. lil.los.10806

    I was debating on giving this 4 stars or 3 stars only because the shipping is 4-6 weeks(as you said) but besides that the talent and style is there it’s just the wait to get the belts should be shortened.

  50. Brandon.R

    Went to the Mel rose location in LA and purchased an order to my house I live not to far from LA does this affect on how long it takes to get shipped to me ? Staff was very helpful and cool . Definitely needed the belt

    • Simon Tavassoli

      Although your location does not affect the time it takes to make the item, it will make the time it takes to arrive shorter.

  51. Traiichon Butler

    Its better than my Gucci belt

  52. Daniel Heartt (verified owner)

    belt is pretty cool, really flashy

  53. joselovesgurbs (verified owner)

    love the belt so much first bb simon that i bought. bought it nov 15 an it came in in nov24-25 so delivery an shipping was fast. Definitely in the future gonna have to purchase another bb belt love the trojan tho 10/10

  54. patrickkohut059

    i went to the melrose store and ordered my Trojan AB belt on november 26. They helped with answering all my questions and I got to try on sizing before making a purchase. I choose instore pickup and 11 days later got a text to pick it up. 🙂 staff was chill and helpful. belt is lovely asf and on my highlights ? thank you so much. Instagram @pkslump

  55. Ricky (verified owner)

    I wear around a 33 in jeans and I got this belt size 36. Fits decent and looks hard took about 1 month and 1 day to arrive for me so y’all have to be a little patient.

  56. rick

    got my belt in 7 days literally was so scared ppl said it took months lol

  57. Moncee19 (verified owner)

    i got it for my boyfriends birthday he loves it! he’s been rocking it since then. shipping was super fast i got in like 2 weeks definitely recommend for your first bb belt

  58. nigger store pussy pink

    is this bb simons official website?

  59. caleb ballard (verified owner)

    I just purchased my belt and i read the reviews, i got the 2 day shipping and size 46 bc my pants are 44 will my belt be here on time since covid is over ?

  60. Diala (verified owner)


  61. Diala (verified owner)

    Fire belt

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